Saturday, February 02, 2013

Happy 6th Arian!

On 2nd February, my firstborn Arian Danish turned 6! From a baby who always needed the extra attention medically, to a boy who is such a sweet talker. This is one boy who potentially can be a lawyer for his constant debates with me or anyone that matters and is good at putting one at their place. Literally.  Amazing what a family boy he has become, turning down offer from us to celebrate it in school but rather have the celebration with family members and have fun with his cousins. Arian, the very social boy who can easily make friends with all ages. One who doesn't really feel the need to be "malu" and pretty much thick skinned like mummy. Arian, the boy who can really talk and talk and always finding something to get your attention. My nag, as what he said it, is cute.

He will embark in primary school life next year and mummy doesn't know whether to feel happy or sad. My only hope for you my son is that you grow up to be a fine boy, respected by people and bring pride to the family not only by paper achievements but more of your self discipline and attitude/inner self. Be the best you can be and remember to placed Allah swt always in your heart. Always put family first before others. Me and daddy will always support you and have your back. We are always proud of your achievements be it big or small. Mummy, Daddy, Sofea and Aniq love you so much Abang!

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